Cloud Hosted Desktop or Server

If you’re looking for a hosted desktop or server or just need your website hosted, CyberBlue Inc cloud hosting can take care of all your web needs.  Not all remote environments are the same, so contact us for a quote.

Benefits of a Cloud Hosted System

Secured Data

Our servers are hosted in a fully secured state-of-the-art data center with fully redundant power and internet access to keep you running 24/7.


Instant Scalibility

Need more data storage?  Have an app that needs more processing or memory?  We have you covered with our instantly scalable servers.

Work From Wherever

A hosted computer environment gives you the flexibility to work at the office or from home with the same experience.  If your laptop get damaged or stolen, don’t worry, because your data is stored in a secured data facility that gets backed up twice a day.

Website Hosting

See below for our webhosting plans.  Not all websites are the same, so If you need a custom plan beyond the Ultimate, contact us and we can tailor one to fit your needs.

Web Hosting

All websites we design and build come with free webhosting for 1 year. 

All website hosting plans include basic POP/IMAP email accounts.  We recommend adding Office 365 email accounts to your web hosting plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a cloud desktop when I already have one on my computer?
Computers can be easily replaced.  If your computer breaks, you can just go out and get another one.  But your data isn’t easily replaced.  With a cloud desktop, all of your data is stored in a secured facility that is backed up for you.  If your computer gets lost or stolen, don’t worry.  We can reset your password and nobody can get into your account.  Once you have a replacement computer setup, you can use the Remote Connection and get right back into your desktop.
What happens if I don't want the Remote Desktop anymore?
We will work with you to get your data off the desktop and onto your local computer.
Can I access my desktop from a tablet?
We use Microsoft Remote Desktop for your connection into your cloud desktop, so if your tablet has an app for that, you’re good to go.
I have a Mac computer, can I use your cloud desktop?
Yes!  There is a remote desktop app for the macOS.  Cloud hosted desktops run Windows OS, so when you remote into the desktop from a Mac, you will have access to your Windows software.  We don’t currently offer macOS cloud desktops.
I already have a website, can you guys host it for me?
Of course we can!  We will work with you to transfer the site from your exisiting host provider and get you setup on our servers.  You will get cPanel access to your website.

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