How Will The Cloud Work For Me

Every setup is a custom setup based on your needs.  The basics are that we will create a virtual desktop running Microsoft Windows® operating system software.  You will connect to the desktop using a custom address in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Software.  It doesn’t matter which operating system your computer uses because there is Remote Desktop software for Windows® and macOS operating systems.  You can also use your tablet or phone to remote into your system.

The benefits to having a cloud system include automatic backups of your data and always available access to your data.  Some people prefer to use the macOS, but they need to use software that is only made for Windows.  A cloud system helps with that because you can run Windows and macOS on the same computer.  

If you would like more information, don’t hesistate to contact us.  We currently have clients who only have one desktop and clients that have 15-20 desktops and a running server.  There is no client too big or too small.