The Cloud

So what is this cloud that every one is talking about?  Servers these days are very high powered machines that do a certain number of tasks.  They aren’t utilized to their fullest potential anymore.  As technology advances, hardware has become more powerful than ever.  Cloud computing started as a way to better utilize servers and make it more cost effective for people and businesses.  One server can now host many virtual machines and the resources of the entire server can be allocated to each of the different virtual machines.  For IT professionals, cloud computing has made managing servers and work environments much easier.  Now instead of installing one piece of software on multiple computers, the software can be installed on the virtual machines one time and it can be replicated.

“The Cloud” has become a buzz phrase.  It is a bank of servers that create “The Cloud”.  Cloud computing makes it easier to backup and secure data.  With virtual desktops, if you tablet, laptop, or computer get stolen, you don’t have to worry, a simple reset of your password and you’re back in business.  Another benefit of cloud computing, is you get the same desktop experience no matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection.  Data is the most critical asset of a company, so it should be backed up and secured at all times.  Cloud computing is still reliant on whatever operating system you are using, so if Windows pushes updates automatically and a certain program you have gets corrupted and no longer runs, a backup of your system can be restored easily.